Wednesday Nest 2023

For all MacKillop, Regional and Newman College students. 

ANY student, from ANY above school, can attend ANY workshop at ANY location!

3:45pm – 5:15pm (90 mins in duration per week). Runs for 8 weeks.

No previous experience needed for any class.

Every class is taught by a leading industry professional in their field!

Strictly limited places | More information below 


Surf, Skate, Create

Surf, Skate & Create

With Lou Smith (hosted at Newman College)

Surf, skate and create is an immersive art workshop that combines elements of street art and surf art to inspire creativity, promote sustainability and to celebrate our coastal surroundings. Throughout the workshops you’ll learn various street art techniques, painting your own skate decks and discovering the sustainable practice of upcycling and repurposing surfboards. With final skate deck designs and surfboard art completed, You are invited to share your creation in an end of term exhibit.

Drama Improv

Drama Improv Workshops 

with Bruce Thompson (hosted at MacKillop College)


Think you’re good at making things up on the spot? Release your inner Improv with improv teacher extraordinaire, Bruce Thompson. Learn the techniques to yield and commit to ideas, then instantly expand upon them with hilarious results. A must for drama students and extroverts who want to push the boundaries of on stage magic! The final week of the course will see the students showcasing their skills in a performance for family and friends. 

Introduction to Film & the Photographic Darkroom

With Tom Sheppherd (hosted at MacKillop College)


Ever wondered how photographs were made before digital and video? Jump into the old world of “hands-on” black and white photography – with cameras that use film. We’ll explore large format image making, shoot 35mm film, and develop and print our own images in a real photographic darkroom. 

You’ll learn how to measure light, shoot “real” images that are not just zeros and ones in some cloud somewhere, process your negatives, and print your own masterpieces that won’t disappear after you turn off the power.  Give it a go – see what develops!

Group Vocal Lessons

With Emma Highlands (hosted at MacKillop College)

Throughout this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of singing and apply these techniques to different styles of music including pop, musical theatre and hymn style. 

Each week we will go through different warm ups, techniques and various styles of music so you can put your new skills into practice! 

Learn to sing as a group and also as a soloist where you will all have the opportunity to perform individually in front of each other in the last weeks.

Watercolour Workshops 

with Stuart Doherty (hosted at MacKillop College)

Experiment and learn the amazing art of watercolour painting. This 1.5 hour class will cover the essential techniques of watercolour including wet-in-wet & wet-on-dry, while we take our inspiration from nature and create an expressive and colourful group Spring Flower Show Exhibition.

This creative workshop will also incorporate mixed media elements and collage that can help take your self expression to the next level.Learn to paint Watercolour or expand on your existing painting skills in this course with award winning watercolour artist Stu Doherty. 

Suitable for all skill levels from total beginners, all materials are provided.

Beginner Jazz

Beginner Jazz

With Neroli Cousins (hosted at Regional College)


In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of dance technique including posture and alignment. 

The structure of the dance class consists of a cardiovascular warm-up followed by strengthening exercises to develop core muscles to aid in the execution of jazz steps. Once the body is prepared for dance, students learn techniques for various skills including turns, kicks and leaps. These steps are then choreographed into short combinations, which will be built upon to form a longer dance sequence to be presented in the final week.


Beginner Ukulele

With Linda Parker (hosted at Regional College)


Want to learn to play a musical instrument?

The ukulele is one of the easiest to learn, its affordable, portable and lots of fun!

The course will cover the basics you’ll need to get you playing, sing and performing in no time at all. We’ll be covering some modern songs and some classics. Lots of famous musicians and singers play ukulele, like Taylor Swift, a couple of the Beatles, Bruno Mars etc. Come on, let’s get strumming!


Foundations of Makeup

With Estelle Addison from Vanity Beauty Company (hosted at Regional College)

Throughout this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of applying makeup for yourself and on others! You will learn how to apply these techniques to different styles of makeup looks, e.g. BRIDAL makeup. Each week we will go through different ways of creating a look to suit everyone and different techniques to suit you, the artist. Learn to apply makeup to yourself for everyday looks or to others to start your make up artist career! You will get to create your own look in the final weeks to show to the others in the class.

Short films

Short Films 101

With Jordan Frith (hosted at Regonal College)

If you’ve ever had a desire to delve into the world of short film creation, then look no further than this class! Designed to cater to beginners without any prior experience, this course will take you through the entire process from pre to post production. Together with your friends, you’ll learn the art of crafting a captivating short film.

Creating a film can be an intensive undertaking, but this class is here to provide you with guidance throughout every stage of the filmmaking process. By the end of the term, you’ll have a film that you and your friends can treasure forever. Whether you’re inclined towards a specific genre or open to exploring new territories, this class is the perfect starting point or continuation of your filmmaking journey.