Welcome to ‘The Nest’

Image: Staff from across St Agnes’ Education Creative and Performing Arts came together to launch the Creative Arts Nest on Tuesday 26th April 2022.

St Agnes’ Education introduces the Creative Arts Nest

Building upon the wonderful tradition of creative and performing arts, St Agnes’ Education is proud to announce the launch of the Creative Arts Nest.

The Creative Arts Nest is dedicated to fostering powerful, inclusive artistic experiences and a creative exchange of ideas across St Agnes’ Parish Schools. 

Our purpose is to inspire, educate, connect and entertain through our engaging cultural and artistic offerings. 

The Nest is committed to enriching our students’ education experience by generating opportunities for participation in the arts, partnering with our schools, collaborating with local artists and forming connections within the greater community.

“This is a significant development in how our schools utilise our size and effectiveness and work together to provide for students something that no other individual school can offer,” said Stephen Pares, Regional Services Leader Hastings Region, Diocese of Lismore Catholic Schools.

Taking centre stage, The Nest is proud to announce the first of its programs for 2022. Students in years 5-8 from all schools within St Agnes’ Education are invited to perform in a collective production of Disney’s Aladdin Jr.  With a cast of more than 100 students, a choir of 50 and the renowned St Agnes’ Education Drumline, it is set to be spectacular!

The second program kicking off May 2nd, is the A4Art Prize which is the first Parish wide schools art competition of its kind. With a prize pool of more than $3500, students and staff are invited to take one A4 size piece of paper and create an artwork by using the paper in any way they choose. Entries close May 20th, 2022. Shortlisted Artworks will be showcased in an online exhibition, along with a touring exhibition to each of the six St Agnes’ Education Schools.

More details regarding the St Agnes’ Education, Creative Arts Nest and its programs can be found at www.artsnest.com.au which will be live Monday 2nd May.