2023 A4Art Prize Winners Announced

2023 A4Art Award Winners Announced

It was a kaleidoscope of colour and creativity at the Creative Arts Nest, 2023 A4Art Prize Awards Night on Friday night, where after months of touring exhibitions and behind-the-scenes action, the A4Art Winners were announced.

A full house of 400 which included 160 St Agnes’ Education student and staff finalists, along with proud families, judges, sponsors and community members packed the Newman Senior Technical College venue, catered by Newman students and staff and entertained by musicians from St Joseph’s Regional College.

With 450 entries, more than double last year’s, the 2023 A4Art Competition is the biggest art competition in the region. The brief was for Artists to create an artwork by using just ONE A4 size piece of paper. Draw, paint, scribble, fold, sculpt, cut, mould, shred, or write on the paper – use it in any way the artist envisions! The A4Art competition was run across all six St Agnes’ Parish Schools and there were entry categories from Kindergarten students all the way up to Year 12 and Staff.

There was an overwhelming community response to the A4Art Prize this year, with some incredible statistics to share including:

  • 5,394 voting tokens were placed in jars where students and staff voted for the People’s Choice Award while the 160 finalists’ artworks toured all six of our Parish Schools in our A4Art Pop-Up Exhibition.
  • 3,008 votes were cast at the 2023 Port Macquarie Artwalk, where an estimated 4,000 people visited our A4ArtRoom.
  • Online we’ve had 5,100 votes cast with friends and families voting from over the world for the Community Choice Award, with over 13,000 new visitors to our website. 


Congratulations and thank you to all of our artists. Once again our St Agnes’ Education and Creative Arts Nest community is bursting with pride.

View the Full Exhibition here

View the our gallery of photos from the night by the amazing, Cal Howard from Lens Head. You can also download the images from the Lens Head website.

This year’s competition was sponsored by…

Sunset Framing & Gallery, The Seed Creative, Wauchope Creative Hub, Affinity Helicopters, Stoney Park, Innervision Surf & Skate, Alice In Paperland, Drawn To Art, Arthouse Industries, Eckersley’s Art & Craft, Agostina, Cassegrain, Wildnets Adventure Park,  St Agnes Education as well as the late addition of the 8 x Belle Property, Luminosity Youth Summit Scholarships.

Below is a list of the winners broken into categories:


People’s Choice (School Voting)  – WINNER – Tayte Schultz – Reflections 

People’s Choice (ArtWalk) – WINNER – Matilda Shields – The Countdown To The End

Community Choice (Online Voting) – WINNER- Doodle Time” by Yzekiel Nieva



HIGHLY COMMENDED – Dylan Nicholson – Cheetah in the Jungle

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Paityn Wrigley – All My Favourite Things

WINNER for Kindergarten – Lucas Bolton-Hall – The Koala Tree


Year 1

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Lucas Andrew – Rainbow Mirrors

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Olivia Currall – Rainbow 

WINNER for Year 1 –  Jack Spry – Jaws


Year 2

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Noah Lynch – Tassled Wobbegong in the Shallows 

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Elena-rose Khan – To Infinity and Beyond!

WINNER for Year 2 – Zane Mitchell – Food in my Dreams


Year 3

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Eli Brown – Beautiful Hastings River

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Matilda Spry – Rainbow Fish

WINNER for Year 3 – Amelie Abi-Saab – Mountain View


Year 4


HIGHLY COMMENDED Amelia Opitz – Fun Sunglasses

WINNER for Year 4 Ahliyah Bennett – Cute cat laying on pancakes


Year 5 

HIGHLY COMMENDED Lilly Goulding – Thank you Firefighters

HIGHLY COMMENDED Cloie Paug – Jug of Memories, Fruits That I Love

WINNER for Year 5 Henry Ayres – Heavy Metal Chick


Year 6

HIGHLY COMMENDED Joslyn Wake – Believe

HIGHLY COMMENDED  Stella Clark – Under the surface

WINNER for Year 6 Maya Marshall – No, you get in the bag


Year 7 

HIGHLY COMMENDED Abbey Delforce – Sunrise Wave

HIGHLY COMMENDED Lucy Ford – Under the Sea

WINNER for Year 7 – Bronte Gawith – My Happy Place


Year 8 

HIGHLY COMMENDED Angelina Mifsud-Scriven – The powers of emotions

HIGHLY COMMENDED Summer Tilston – Through An Artists Eyes

WINNER for Year 8 – Paige Goldie – Building a Snowman


Year 9

HIGHLY COMMENDED  Rhianna Petrou – Red-eyed Tree Frog

HIGHLY COMMENDED Megan Goldie – The Amazing Spider-Man

WINNER for Year 9- Chelsea Arnold  Flowing Thoughts


Year 10

HIGHLY COMMENDED Matilda Shields – The Countdown To The End


WINNER for Year 10 – Bella Hopper – Man in a Suit!


Year 11

HIGHLY COMMENDED Tayte Schultz – Reflections


WINNER for Year 11- Emily Galvin – The Technological World


Year 12 

HIGHLY COMMENDED Emma Marchant – Jacob Elordi

HIGHLY COMMENDED Mikhayla Kenny – Street Rat Terry

WINNER for Year 12 – Franjayla Tyson – Brain and Heart


St Agnes’ Education STAFF

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Staff – Naomi Currall – Reef

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Staff – Mel Allwood – Little Pardalotes (par-di-lotes)

WINNER – Staff – Brooke Ryan – Un rêve quotidien (oon-rev-quo-tid-ian)



3rd HIGHLY COMMENDED – Packing Room Prize  

Harmony Weller “Birds and Butterflies”

2nd HIGHLY COMMENDED – Packing Room Prize   

Braxton Beresford “My Mind”

1st HIGHLY COMMENDED – Packing Room Prize 

Ruth Clarke “Paper Wars”

WINNER – Packing Room Prize

Liam Ayres “Psycho Chicken”


Luminosity Scholarships

Abbie Brennan – “I’ll Follow You Anywhere You Go” 

Chelsea Arnold – “Flowing Thoughts” 

Olivia Blake – “Stroke” 

Bella Hopper – “Man in a Suit” 

Milly McGrath – “Joy” 

Mia Burg –  “Hope” 

Tayte Shultz – “Reflections” 

Lorena Dionigi – “Inspiration”